The SOENERGO Company uses modern technology and organization to complete installations with quality, saving time in the startup and adjustments, and with success in putting the installed equipment into production.

The installing part of the company fulfills the following types of work:

  • - Erecting large-capacity equipment
  • - Installing metal structures
  • - Installing technical equipment and pipelines
  • - Welding
  • - Starting and adjusting the installed equipment and providing service

Most important:

  • - All installation work is conducted in accordance with modern standards, and according to sanitary and operating norms.
  • - Special attention is given to adhering to rules and the requirements of technical safety.
  • - The company undertakes to receive and to make preliminary preparations of the materials for installation.
  • - The company has worked up and used technology and equipment for treatment of pipelines with special chemical compounds.
  • - The company provides for strict observance of norms and regulations for installing specially dangerous and critical equipment.
  • - The company completes modern implementing documents and carries out the appropriate tests and certifications.


Leading technology of welding and diagnostics:

  • - Employs manual electric arc welding in a medium of argon and various protective gases.
  • - Complex testing of welded joints: x-ray graphic, ultrasound, visual (with the assistance of technical endoscopes), and other necessary methods of testing.


  • - All welders working at the site have passed required examinations.
  • - All of the company’s welders have received attestation in accordance with the requirements of “Rostechnadzora”(NACS), as well as the requirements of the customer (depending upon the difficulty of the project).
  • - Welding of especially critical pipelines is done by welders with attestation by NACS and who have the appropriate certificates.