The company "SoEnergo +" has its own electrical laboratory certified by means of which produces the necessary tests and measurements for safe and reliable electrical installation. A complete set of high-performance portable devices allows us to provide the appropriate test object on the ground and thereby completely eliminate the probability of any fault in further work.
The work performed by the laboratory:


·         Check the status of items of electrical grounding devices

·         - Check the chain and measured the contact resistances between the grounded and grounding conductors, grounding equipment (elements) and grounding conductors

·         - Measurement of resistivity of the earth

·          - Measure the resistance of grounding devices of all types

·           - Measurement of insulation resistance of cables, windings of motors, machines, secondary circuits and electric wiring, and electrical

·          - Measurement of the impedance loop "zero-phase" operation. With earthed neutral

·          - Check operation of power system protection for grounded and isolated neutral - Inspection and testing of the installation machine feeders

·         - Check operation of protection, made fused rates, calibration fuses

·          - Check the circuit breaker to relieve current  - Measurement of transient contacts and resistances of the windings of electrical machines and transformers 

·         - Testing of high voltage cables and electrical equipment.

·          - Test and measurement characteristics of the voltage transformers and current transformers

·          - Check the voltage and current drive operation of oil switches

·          - Verification of relay protection, automation and remote control

·         - Check the circuit breaker 

·         -Check emergency lighting circuits

·          - Measurement of current spreading resistance grounding device

·          - Testing of lightning protection systems According to test results issued by a full technical report.

The company "SoEnergo +" provides a full range of services in the field of energy auditing. Timely conducted energy audits of enterprises (Energoobsledovanie) allows our customers to more efficient use of energy resources, which means - to reduce costs and production costs. Energy survey of buildings is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law № 261 of November 23, 2009, "On energy saving and energy efficiency improvements and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation." The main objectives of the energy audit are: Obtain objective data on the amount of energy used; Determination of energy efficiency; Determination of potential energy conservation and energy efficiency;

Develop a list of standard, publicly available measures for energy conservation and energy efficiency and conduct of their valuation of the Russian Federation. " Experts of company "SoEnergo + 'to hold the energy inspection of buildings, homes, public institutions, enterprises and other facilities. Our experts will perform all work competently, in full accordance with Russian legislation and within the time specified in the contract to carry out energy surveys.