Soenergo carries out work to install interior and exterior electrical supply circuits, including installation, starting and adjusting work, and repair and technical services for electrical circuits and electrotechnical systems:

·         Installing electrical cable and outdoor circuits of 6-35 KV;

·         Installing, starting and servicing transformer substations, and distribution structures (or systems) up to 35 KV;

·         Designing, completing and delivery of electrical cabinets;

·         Providing lighting and electricity to working spaces;

·         Installing and starting energy supply systems;

·         Installing cable-supporting structures;

·         Installing systems for grounding and protection against lightning;

·         Electrical supply Instrumentation systems and automatic, low-power circuits:  for fire suppression, fire alarms and notification, HVAC systems, security alarms, systems for managing and controlling access, Video observation systems, communications systems;

·         Repair and modernization of existing circuits;

Providing assistance and participation in bringing electrical supply systems into production.

                We complete our work with European quality, fully compliant with Russian standards, special attention to safety in production, reducing risk, short delivery times, on the whole territory of Russia, with full guarantees.